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Year 4 Make Egyptian Sarcophagi

December 2007

During our Art week, Year 4 worked on a project to design their own Sarcophagus to fit in with our history project on the Egyptians. Firstly we used the internet to research designs, patterns and symbols that the Egyptians used on their sarcophagi, and we drew these into our sketch books.

Next we drew two small designs for our sarcophagus and chose our favourite bits from them to go in out final design. We thought carefully about which colours we would use and which symbols and hieroglyphics we wanted to include.

Once we had done this, we carefully sketched our designs onto sugar paper sarcophagus shapes. We finally coloured them in using a combination of oil pastels, colouring pencils and wax crayons.

The result was 30 sarcophagi that Tutankhamun would've been proud to call his own. We can't wait to show them to our mummies!