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Read or tell the story of The Three Little Pigs. Encourage the children to join in with the phrases 'Little pig, little pig, let me come in', 'I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in' and 'Not by the hairs on my chinny, chin, chin. I will not let you in'. Discuss the characters in the story and how they have behaved. Encourage the children to make comments about the different houses and ask what type of house they would build for the pigs. Some children might choose to draw a house for the pigs to live in.


  • Why do you think the mummy pig asks the three pigs to build their own houses?
  • Why do the first two pigs choose sticks and straw for their houses?
  • Are sticks and straw good materials for building a house?
  • What materials would you choose to build a house with?
  • What other stories have a wolf in?
  • Do you think this is the same wolf from Little Red Riding Hood?

Read or watch the links below an alternative, contemporary version of The Three Little Pigs. For example, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! by Jon Scieszka or The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Eugene Trivizas. Ask the children to point out the differences to the traditional tale as you read the story. Ask which version of the story they like the most. Ask the children to think of an alternative version of another fairy tale or story e.g. how could we change the story Cinderella or Goldilocks and the Three Bears?


  • How is the contemporary story different to the traditional one?
  • Which one do you prefer?
  • What fairy tale or story would you like to change?
  • How will you change it?


Use the cut and stick story map to sequence the story of the Three Little Pigs.  Following this use the speech bubble sheet to write the conversation between the wolf and the first little pig - encourage children to use correct sounds to spell words.