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Wider Curriculum

Transient art is moveable, non-permanent and usually made of a variety of objects and materials. Natural materials, such as grass, pebbles, sand, leaves, pine cones, seeds and flowers, can be used to make transient art.


Task 1: Use a range of natural materials, such as straw, wool, twigs, sticks, pebbles, pine cones and leaves, to create transient art. For inspiration, look at the work of the artist, Andy Goldsworthy, describing what they like or find interesting about his work.


Task 2: Draw a simple picture map of an imaginary woodland, including features such as evergreen and deciduous trees, paths, clearings, grassy patches, a stream, gates, fences and dens. Create a simple key. Ethan's super bear hunt map inspired this task! Please send me some pictures of your woodland maps if you can.

Examples of Andy Goldsworthy's work