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The gospel reading is welcomed with the singing of the “alleluia” a Hebrew word that means, “praise God”.


Role-play what happens at Mass for the proclamation of the gospel. Include in this the use of the lectern, the greetings and the responses and the signing with the cross on the forehead, lips and heart, the carrying of candles and the kissing of the book of gospels by the priest or deacon.


Why do you think we stand to welcome the gospel?

Why make the sign of the cross on the forehead, lips and heart?

Why do you think that candles are held at the lectern during the gospel reading?

Why does the priest or deacon kiss the book of gospel at the end of the reading?

Emphasise to the children that Jesus is present in the reading and proclaiming of the gospel.

Children to use Bibles to research stories from the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

What sort of writing have you found? Parable, miracle, some teaching of Jesus or a narrative of something that happened in his life. Children to record their findings on a grid (see below).