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LO: To know Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus.


Read the story together and complete the sequencing activity.

One of the important symbols of Easter is the Easter (Paschal) candle.  Look at powerpoint and discuss the symbols that are seen on the candle. Colour a candle to remind us of Jesus' resurrection.


LO: That a map is a drawing of an area of land or sea

Display a large roll or sheet of paper and gather small vehicles and felt tip pens if possible. Explain to the children that they will draw a map with paths and roads for the vehicles to use. Invite them to talk about the different vehicles and the journeys they go on. Encourage the children to use positional language as they talk. Model adding traffic lights and a zebra crossing or create a train track or landing strips for aeroplanes. To extend the play further, add wooden blocks and small world people to build towns on the floor maps.