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LO: To replicate Jesus' sacrifice and time of prayer


Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with pancakes and talk about the first day of Lent which we call Ash Wednesday.


Explain to the children that Lent is a time of prayer. We ask for Jesus’ help so that we can be more like him and follow his example. Mind map some ideas about how you could pray together as a family this Lent. Create some words and ideas for a family prayer which explains that we want to be more like Jesus in what we do.


Tell the children that Lent is a special time of prayer and a time to help others. Discuss and show the ‘All About Lent’ presentation. During Lent, we want to replicate the sacrifice that Jesus made in the desert through prayer and fasting. Discuss ways we can do this and encourage children to sacrifice something during Lent.  Introduce a family prayer box for you to write your own prayers and share daily.

Topic 1


LO: To recognise features of our local area

Talk about the local area and what you see when you go to school or to the shops using the 'What is Our Local Area Like?' PowerPoint as a prompt.  Use the local area tick list of what is seen. Add other features of your local area.

Topic 2


LO: To know that Birmingham is a city in the UK

Explain  that this week we will be going on a imaginary journey around the UK. Explain that Birmingham, where we live,  is a city in the UK and show this on a map of the British Isles.  Look at google maps and expand outwards from our school (or your home) as far as you can to show where we live. Tell the children that to go on a journey like this we will need a passport.  Complete the Passport with all of the relevant information. 

Topic 3


LO: to know there are four countries that make the UK

Watch the Youtube clips and share the information in 'The United Kingdom' PowerPoint.

Learn the song about the United Kingdom and colour the flags.