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27th September



This week we will be continuing with Barrow Quest. We will be focusing on character appearance  and setting description.


Lesson 1 and 2 Setting description


Watch the following videos to support your learning. Setting Description Video 1. 

Setting description video 2


Please look at the example setting description to support your learning


TASK 1:  Plan  your setting for your quest (Use template)


TASK 2: DEscribe and write your setting for your Quest.


Lesson 3-5: Character description


Watch the following to support your learning: To generate descriptive Vocabulary , To write a character description




Planning a setting

example setting description



conscience conscious controversy convenience correspond criticise curiosity definite desperate determined


Put into sentences


    WALT: To understand that God provides for the needs of his people. (Exodus 19.-20.17)


  WILF:  know the 10 commandments and where to find them in the Bible

I        -understand why we are set rules to live by

I         - can consider the importance of these commandments of my life


     Review the developing of the commandments – why did God provide these for us? Why were they important for the           people of Israel? What do they tell us about the way we should treat people and ourselves?


    Consider the importance about them for Christians today. Write reflections about this. Discuss different approaches to       moral situations and explain with reference to faith – moral dilemmas from a religious /  non-religious point of view



- -Dropping litter

- -Rude to parents

- -Go out on a Sunday

- -Treat people badly due to material possessions

-Homework – read book of Esther