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RE Lesson

Discuss with children different times in the year when we celebrate different events.  Explain that ‘Holy Week’ is the name given to our celebration of the time when we remember the Death and Resurrection of Christ.  Children to recall what they can remember of the story of Palm Sunday.

Show the PowerPoint or video depicting the events of Palm Sunday.

Share the text of the story with the children.

What does this event tell us about Jesus? If you had been at the first Palm Sunday, what would you have been doing? What would you have said and sung?

Today Christians continue to praise and thank Jesus as the crowds did on the road to Jerusalem. Watch the procession clips to see what happens in a Church. 

What do you think we should praise and thank Jesus for?  


Children to research what takes place in Church on Palm Sunday and record in books.

Why do you think people take part in a procession and wave palms?

Jesus Rides into Jerusalem

Jesus sends two disciples to being a colt and rides triumphantly into Jerusalem. Crowds greet him waving branches and shouting, "Hosanna."

God's Story: Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, we remember the time Jesus entered Jerusalem--and everybody started praising him!

St. Bartholomew Catholic Church Palm Sunday Processional

The St.Bartholomew Catholic Church community came together to pray and process on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday Outdoor Procession 2012, Holy Family Catholic Church, Taipei