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Maths and Science Week Winners

3 to 7 December 2007

We had a joint Maths and Science week. The children took part in lots of different Maths and Science activities throughout the week.

On Thursday and Friday the Life Education Centre visited our school and each class had the opportunity to visit it.

At the end of the week each class teacher chose two maths superstars and two super scientists. The winners are listed below.


Class Maths Winners Science Winners
Reception Tania and Shannon R Destiny and Katie
Year 1 Macey and Ryan H Jack B and Chloe S
Year 2 Maisie and Tyreece Callum H and Pauline
Year 3 Ashleigh and Charlie Macy Jay and James
Year 4 Katie P and William Jamie C and Megan M
Year 5 Megan and Kevin James A and Jessica Kaye
Year 6 Jacob and Angelica Dylan and Bobbyleigh


Acting Head, Lisa Johnson, meets up with Happy Harold and Kate during a workshop in the Health Bus.



These young mathematicians were awarded special certificates and prizes for being methodical in solving mathematical problems.


Certificates and prizes were also awarded to these Key Stage 2 pupils for showing impressive problem solving skills in Numeracy.

Key Stage 2 winners were awarded prizes and certificates for their excellent scientific investigative skills.
Class Maths Trail Winners Problem Solving Champions
Year 1 Chloe, Rose, Millie Millie, Lewis, Jessica
Year 2 Do Young, Taylor, Ashleigh Do Young, Billy, Maisie, Denis, Aimee May
Year 3 Henry, Shelton, Abigail Henry, James, Charlie
Year 4 Rozel, Katie H Jack S, Rozel
Year 5 Victoria, James A, Kevin, James T Michael E, Kevin, Lian, James T
Year 6 Megan, Christopher, Bobbyleigh Shannon