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May 3rd


Maths questions for the week


Create a Non-chronological report using Sway. Choose one of the following:


1. William the Conqueror 

2. Domesday Book

3. Norman Castles.


LO: be able to sequence the Liturgy of the Eucharist and discuss the different words and actions associated with this part of the Mass



When Mass is celebrated, all the things which make up a really good celebration are there.

 – We come together as God’s family

. – We listen to the Word of God

 – We pray for other people

 – We bring our gifts of bread and wine.

– We share in the meal which Jesus has given us.

 – We are strengthened to follow Jesus by receiving him during this celebration.




Sequence the Liturgy of the Eucharist







Research traditional motte and bailey and stone built castles – create a fact file – look locally where can they be found? Draw and label your own castle


Use online maps to locate positions of Norman castles of England.

Copy and save satellite images and aerial photographs- present –with information in topic display book