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During the first two weeks back at school we are looking at a book called 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers. 


Day 1

Look at a picture of the solar system and the planet Earth.


Think about your favour place on Earth and write a list poem using the words 'HERE WE ARE'.


Day 2

Look at an aerial view of our school. Think about the people who are involved in your life, your family, your friends and anyone else who looks after you. 


Think about a special person in your life. Write a letter to this person telling them why they are so special to you. 


Day 3

Think about how we look after our planet. During lockdown we saw the world benefit from life pausing. Research into the effects lockdown had on global warming and climate change. 


Create a poster outlining ways in which we can continue to look after our planet now that the world is starting to return to normal. 


Day 4

Our world is beautiful. Listen to the song 'What a wonderful world'. Think about what you find beautiful where you live. 


Write your own version of the song, keeping the lines 'And I think to myself, what a wonderful world' at the end of every verse. 


Day 5

It has been an extremely difficult couple of years at school and there are lots of worries we feel. Take some time out to look up at the sky. Enjoy it, take in its calmness and think about how we can look after our minds. 


Thinking about the sky, write a poem titled 'The Sky is'




In our first lesson we are looking at the story of creation. 


Research the story and create a storyboard outlining how the world was created over the seven days, telling me what happened on each day. 



Our first topic is called 'I am Warrior'


In our first lesson we are going to look at the timeline of the Romans. Can you order the events and tell me a little about each?