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It was important for Jesus to share his life with other people and welcome them into friendship with him. The disciples became a special group that belonged to Jesus.

What can you can remember about Jesus calling his disciples. Can you name the disciples and recall what some of them did for a living?

Read the story of Jesus choosing the twelve disciples by name. Imagine this scene as if you had been one of the twelve. How would you have felt? How would you have reacted if you had been chosen? Why do you think Jesus wanted to share his life with these people? Can you recall any other stories of Jesus and the disciples together? Emphasise that this was a special choice that Jesus made. Do you think the disciples could have said no to Jesus calling them to be his disciples?


Choose a disciple. Write their thoughts and feelings after they have been chosen by Jesus to be a disciple. Do you think that Jesus calls us to follow him today? What do you think he might be asking us to do?

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In school this week, we will be focusing on the 'Season of Creation' and our task is to create our school emblem using recycled materials. Have a go at home - it can be as big or small as you like!