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January 10th

Friday 14th January - Trip to St. Chad's Cathedral


 Non Chron Reports



Introduce Non-Chronological reports. Please see Non chron report below with features. 




To gather information for a non chronological report

Watch the video to get ideas on how to gather information.


Gather information on the Titanic to use in our Non chron reports the following week


Spelling with Mrs Duffy




Spag - simple, compound and complex sentences.




Lesson 3 

Drama – talk about Baptism service – what is included. Children to act it out in small groups. Pictures for books. Children to annotate pictures of their drama to explain signs and symbols. Why is a name so important? 

- The naming of the child 

- The signing of the cross on the forehead 

- Laying on of hands and the anointing with the oil of baptism 

- The baptismal promises made by the parents 

- Baptism in water in the name of the holy trinity 

- Anointing with the oil of chrism. 

- Role of the parents and godparents 

- Baptismal candle after being lit from paschal candle.    

Guided Reading


Guided reading work will be set on Children have been provided with login details.