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Learning outcome:

I can use phonic knowledge to write words that match my spoken language.

I can write the initial sound of my name.




Talk about what makes us different and similar to each other and their new friends at school. Ask your child to think of a sentence that describes why they are different or similar to another child in the class. Say a full sentence yourself as an example.  Explain that our name also makes us similar to/ different from other people. Can your child remember the names of any children they have met in school? 


What does our name begin with? Say the sound altogether. How do we write this sound? Show your child how you write the first letter of their name. Remind children that when we are writing names, we need to use the capital letter version of the letter for the first letter and writing this.  If able, practise writing their whole name with letters correctly formed. 


Can your child find any objects in your house that begin with the same sound as their name?