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Black Dog: Reading Task 1

Reading Task 1: Answer the questions below:

  1. What actions show that Mrs Hope was surprised?
  2. Find and copy a question that she asked.
  3. Find the word ‘yelled’ and replace it with a word that would still have the same meaning.
  4. What did Mr Hope tell Mrs Hope to do?
  5. Find and copy an exclamation from the text.
  6. Can you write a prediction of what you think will happen next?

Reading Task 2

Reading Task 2- Black dog

  1. What did Adeline Hope drop?
  2. What does it mean by ‘she didn’t waste any time?’
  3. What did Adeline Hope compare the black dog to?
  4. What question did she ask?
  5. What advice did Mr and Mrs Hope give?
  6. What do you notice about the black dog as we go through the book?
  7. What words were used instead of ‘said?’

Reading Task 3

Reading Task 3- Black dog

  1. What did all the family members first say when they got up?
  2. Why did Maurice drop his teddy?
  3. What did Maurice compare the black dog to?
  4. What do you now notice about the advice that the parents give? What does this show?
  5. Look at the picture of Maurice in his bedroom. How do you know Maurice is scared?
  6. What would you do if you looked out of your bedroom window and saw a dog that size?