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Today's lesson is all about number bonds! We have worked so hard on our number bonds in Year 1 but it's a little while now since we practiced them. Today's lesson features tens frames and bar models which we have used a lot in Year 1. (Summer term - Week 3 - Lesson 1) The videos are really useful for explaining each number bond method.


Watch the video below for extra help with bar models.

Then complete the 'Find and Make Number Bonds' activity.

Part Part Whole Bar Model: Decomposing 10


Today's lesson builds on yesterday's lesson, using known number bonds to find different number facts.

It focuses on the relationship between addition and subtraction. (Summer Term - Week 3 - Lesson 2)


Watch the video below for some support understanding fact families and then complete the 'Fact Families' activity.

Fact Family Video


Today's lesson focuses on the use of a whole part diagram. Again we used whole part diagrams a lot during the Autumn term but there are a couple of videos to below to support. The first video is more visual in explain a whole part model and it may help to create a physical model if your child is struggle. The second video should help you and your child understand that sometimes where the 'whole' is - moves. E.g. sometimes the 'whole' is at the top, sometimes at the side and sometimes it's at the bottom. Don't let it trick you! (Summer Term - Week 3 - Lesson 3)

Part Whole Model

Year 1 addition with Miss Broad


Today's lesson is all about adding by counting on. Please practice counting on from each number (hold the number in your head and count on). E.g. if the questions asks what is 9 + 5 = ? practice starting from 9 and counting on. It is very important that the children develop this skill and do not start at zero every time. (Summer Term - Week 3 - Lesson 4)