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21st March




RE Lesson 1

LO Know the story of  the Last Supper and role-play this story and imagine the thoughts and feelings of the disciples.

Read/watch the story of the Last Supper.

As you are reading role-play the story, from preparing the room, through to the washing of the feet and the institution of the Eucharist.

Think about the meal probably being a celebration of the Jewish Passover.   

How do you think the disciples were feeling and what were they thinking as they were preparing the room for the celebration? What food would they need to get ready?


Last Supper Cartoon

RE  Lesson 2

LO Know the story of the Washing of Feet and that Jesus was preparing his disciples for his death.

Watch the story of the last supper again, focus on the washing of the feet.

Make a list of the actions of Jesus.

Why do you think he did this?

Why was Peter so upset with Jesus?

Imagine you had been Peter. What would you have said to Jesus at this point?

What was Jesus teaching his disciples?

 “Commandment.” What does it mean?

Activity - Make slogans and banners which highlight the new commandment of Jesus.



Read leaflets the leaflets from galleries/museums. What types of details do they include and how does their layout helps the reader to find essential information? 

Think about how the writer of each leaflet appeals to the audience and persuades them to visit the venue. Has any important information been left out of the leaflet?