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Good morning Year 3!


Today we will have Live Lessons at the following times.


9.15am - Maths

11.00pm- Literacy

12.30pm - Topic


Each of these live lessons will be around 20-30mins and I will then be available on Teams for a following 30-40 minutes after the lesson to answer any questions on the work. The lessons will be recorded and available to watch again on Teams. 


The worksheets for today are available below.


Today we are going to start looking at multiplying two-digit numbers by a one-digit number where we need an exchange. Just like when we did column method with addition and subtraction, we will also need to exchange ones and tens when we have too many for our column.



1 ten = 10 ones

1 hundred = 10 tens


Today we are going to bring all our ideas together to start designing our class snack. We are going to look at techniques like alliteration to help us create a catchy name and some slogans. 


In todays lesson we are going to ask the question 'Where is Egypt?'.