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Black Dog task 1: Reading Focus: Inference

  1. Look at the phrase: ‘Noticed that something was going on.’

Explain what this means.

  1. What does the word ‘gasped’ suggest about how the family was feeling?


  1. Why were the family whispering?


  1. Look at the last 2 things the family say to Small. What does this show about how the family feel about the black dog.

Task 2: Look at the illustration of the black dog and Small. Read the short passage. Copy out the sentences below and continue writing your own description of the picture. I have included some adjectives and adverbs to help you.

Finish the description:

As the mammoth, starry eyed creature gazed down at the miniature, amazed little child, his warm breath created a haze of smoke in the cold air. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Adjectives: Charcoal, enormous, shaggy, frozen, inquisitive,

Adverbs: quietly, intensely, silently, bravely, surprisingly.

Task 3: Reading focus: Prediction

Read the pages and write a prediction of what you think happens next to the character Small. What do you think Small’s plan is and will it happen?