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For the next two weeks we will be learning about where we live and developing map skills. This week we will learn about Birmingham and our journey to school discussing the landmarks that we see.


LO: to recount from my experience

Read the rhyming story ‘Night, Night Birmingham’ and highlight recognisable landmarks of Birmingham. 

Focus on the rhyming words that we see in the story – identify words that rhyme. 


Talk about features of the local area – what do they see on the way to school?  Play a game similar to ‘I went to the shops and bought…’ but with ‘On my way to school I see…” .  Think about the features we have been discussing when looking at the story and the places in the local area that children have identified.


Re-read ‘Night, Night Birmingham’ and compare the illustrations from the book with real pictures of those places which can be googled - look at websites if possible. Have you visited any of these places – can they remember? Where would they like to go and why? What would you like to find out more about?


Activity: write sentences starting 'On my way to school, I can see...' . Draw the buildings/places that you see on the way to school and develop a map of the journey.