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LO: To understand how the disciples felt when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit

Hear the story of Pentecost again. Focus on feelings of the disciples before they received Spirit and afterwards. Ask the children to recall a time somebody in their family made a promise to them. What was it like when it came true? Explain that Jesus had promised to send the disciples the Holy Spirit and that on Pentecost day they remembered that Jesus kept his promise. Write about how it felt when a promise came true and draw a picture.

Topic 1

LO: To explore art from a different culture

Look at the Aboriginal art picture cards.  Explain that the Aboriginal people live in Australia, pointing it out on a globe or map. Look at the patterns in the paintings and use the picture card with the symbols to see if they can recognise what the artwork depicts.



Using black paper/card if possible, cotton buds and ready-mixed paint, ask your child to create Aboriginal-style paintings and patterns using the symbols where possible. Encourage the children to talk about their pictures and compare their work with the pictures they have looked at.


Topic 2

LO: To use age appropriate software to record sounds and images

Show the children the Sir David Attenborough picture card. Tell them that he is a famous naturalist who presents TV programmes about living things, and even as a child, he was interested in nature and collected rocks and fossils. You could also tell the children about his work to save plants and animals from extinction. Choose some interesting video clips featuring Sir David Attenborough on a computer or tablet and encourage your child to ask questions to find out more.



If possible, use a tablet or camera to make your own film in the style of Sir David Attenborough and film living things they observe in the garden or local area.