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13th June





LO: To understand that the Holy Spirit helps and guides Christians.

Talk about red being the liturgical colour for Pentecost. Why do you think this colour is chosen?

What are the special qualities of the colour red?  E.g. it stands out, it is a bright colour, you can’t miss it, etc.

Talk about the Holy Spirit being the power and strength of God at work in the lives of the first Christians on Pentecost day.

Remember that the Holy Spirit helped Peter and the other disciples to be brave and tell the world that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Today the Holy Spirit is the helper of Christians when they do important work.

Think about some important things that Christians have to do in the world to show that they are followers of Jesus. Start by thinking about your own experience. Move on to consider other people such as a teacher, headteacher, priest, sister, parishioner, family, etc. How do you think the Holy Spirit helps and guides all these different people?

Activity: Children to write prayers to the Holy Spirit thinking of different people who need help and guidance.


LO: To know that the Holy Spirit is one part of the Holy Trinity

What is the Holy Trinity? Reinforce that God is revealed in three persons, but is one God. Highlight the primary actions of the Trinity - Loving, Living and Leading. God is loving, Jesus is living and lived like us, and the Holy Spirit leads us.

ActivityDraw a symbol to represent the Holy Trinity. 



LO: Draw, paint and sculpt natural forms from observation, imagination and memory.

Make a new home for a hermit crab using coloured modelling dough. Begin by reading the book or watching an animation of Eric Carle’s story, A House for Hermit Crab and look closely at images, such as Georgia O'Keefe's Pink Shell with Seaweed for inspiration. Decorate the shell, using dough to make spots and stripes, or press objects into the dough surface to create patterns and textures.