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Lesson 1: Plan your own persuasive letter

Lesson 2: Take the test, give yourself some time before to practise

Lesson 3: Use some of the new formal conjunctions you have learnt in some sentences

Lesson 4: Draft your letter

Lesson 5: Edit your letter. Check your spellings, have you used all of the features?




LO: To know the story of the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan


Look at representations of the Baptism of Jesus in Religious art. Look at the posture of the characters and their expressions. Identify the setting of the paintings and the symbol of the Holy Spirit in the painting. Through Baptism Christians become the children of God in a special way and brothers and sisters of Jesus. Christians become the children of God through this Sacrament.


Key questions:

What does the voice say about Jesus in the story of his Baptism?

What does it tell us about Jesus’ relationship with God?

Why do you think it might be important to belong to God’s family? 


Activity: Annotate examples of religious art showing the baptism of Jesus - using correct key vocabulary and explain what is happening in the images. Why do you think Christians call their first name a Christian name?


Ancient Maya

In ancient Maya, they used a system called 'glphs' to write. Can you research this and then write your name using the system?


Chocolate making  - ‘Food of the Gods’- (they drank rather than ate their choc)


Create unique chocolate with own additions and species (chilli, salt, orange zest etc)

-Taste and enjoy


Draw your own monster and describe them in Spanish with all of the new language you have learnt.




Using whichever art materials you prefer, create a family portrait of the people who live in your house. Label them with some descriptive words.