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Skills Builder

Research shows the building a child's essential skills supports:

  • Social and emotional well being 
  • Learning and academic outcomes
  • Careers and oppourtunities


"88% of parents say that a good education goes beyond exam results." (Parent kind survey)




Skills Challenge

September - This month our focus skill is Listening.


Make it your mission to listen carefully all day today. You could listen to a story, a podcast, the lyrics of a song, a news report on the TV or radio or a conversation. Choose one thing you have listened carefully to and tell someone else about it, making sure you include the important information.


Getting Started: How can you make sure you are listening carefully?

Intermediate: What does it mean to summarise what you have heard?

Advanced: How does the speaker use tone to persuade you as the listener?

Mastery: How can you identify the core points being made?



Click on the link below to find out more about developing listening skills. Click on 'build it' to find extra resources and activities to develop that strand of the listening skill. 

Nb - Primary aged children will be between step 0 and 7 (approx)