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Survey Results

At Our Lady's we understand the importance of listening to pupil and parent views. We know that working together we grow from strength to strength in providing the best education for our pupils.


Twice a year we carry out two very important surveys to help with this. One is a pupil survey and the other is for parents. We take the questions from similar Ofsted surveys to help us.


Below you will find the results. You'll see just how many parents are happy with their child's experience of the school and what pupils enjoy most.


Some of our parent comments:


  • Excellent school, both our girls thoroughly enjoy it and the teachers are friendly and approachable. Lovely community feel.
  • The school is very good at involving parents and holding workshops. I am a full time working mum and I feel like more can be done for parents in work and their involvement with the school.
  • My daughter has always enjoyed herself while at Our Lady's and I feel that she has progressed in her learning thanks to the teachers enabling her to do this and be herself at the same time.
  • The school text facility is helpful. Having dates on homework would help it to be more organised.
  • I strongly agree with the majority of the statements. Keep up the good work.


Some of our pupil comments - Key Stage 1:


  • The best thing about school is when we do writing. I love it.
  • Teachers are nice to me and I learn new things.
  • The best thing about my school is writing.
  • We make new friends and look after each other.


Some of our pupil comments - Key Stage 2:


  • If you're stuck, teachers and other pupils help you.
  • I have a wonderful teacher.
  • I'm happy as I am so I do not want to improve the school.
  • The best things are the teachers, the activities and that it's fun.
  • I think it's a great school.
  • The best things at school are the sporting activities.

Survey results above are pdf files.

Parental Questionnaire Results regarding Celebration Assemblies