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LO: to write a sentence to describe a habitat



  • Explain to the children that a habitat is the natural home or environment for a living thing.
  • Display the Habitats around the world picture cards and describe the different habitats shown in the pictures - adult to write down all of items that can be seen and encourage children to add an adjective to describe what they see.
  • From this create a word bank with the children's vocabulary to describe the different images.
  • Model writing a sentence to describe one of the images.



Use the title ‘Where would you like to live?’ and ask them to draw a picture of the place they would like to live using JIT5 - paint tool  (one of the habitats from above).

Children  to describe their pictures and think of simple sentences to write about them using JIT5 - write. Encourage the children to use the word bank to support their writing.


NB JIT5 can be accessed through BGFL QR codes that were sent home. If you are unable to access this, children can draw a picture of one of the habitats and write sentences using the 'Where would you like to live?' template below.