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Black History Month

November 2010

At the end of Black History Month, the school gathered together to share the work they had been doing.

  • Reception class had done some work on Diwali as it was celebrated on the day of our assembly.
  • Year 1 did some work on Anansi and Martin Luther King Jnr. They had drawn fantastic portraits of Martin Luther King and also made some clay spiders.
  • Year 2 has learned about Mary Seacole and paraded their bonnets for all to see. Miss Arthur also made a bonnet and she was very pleased to be wearing it!
  • Year 3 studied James Earl Jones, the famous actor but also poet. They painted pictures and wrote poems about fruit.
  • Year 4 looked at the artist Chinwe Roy and copied her style of painting.
  • Year 5 studied slavery, producing some very emotive artwork and then sang an original song based on Martin Luther King Jnr's speech 'I have a dream'.
  • Year 6 studied Rosa Parks and then did their own individual research about their chosen person e.g Kelly Holmes, Bob Marley etc.

Samples of work are now displayed in our entrance area and then they will be framed around the school. Well done to everyone (children and teachers) for producing such wonderful work.