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Watch the clip below and read out the captions. Talk about all of the things that God has created.

Explain that when God creates people he gives them lots of gifts and talents. Show children some photographs of children doing lots of different things (running, jumping, smiling, listening, sharing etc) and introduce the words gifts and talents. Introduce the word unique – explain that God made us all different and we are all very special. Model to children some gifts that you have. Children sharewhat they are good at too. Explain that as we grow, these gifts and talents grow with us.  Discuss talents and gifts that you have within your family.


Activity 1:

This week we will be making bird feeders as part of our Creation work.

Activity 2:

People who help us


Read the stories, My Mum by Anthony Browne and Superhero Dad by Timothy Knapman at story time to stimulate conversations about people who help the us at home. Once both stories have been read discuss the questions below. Allow the children time to talk about their experiences and routines. 

  • Who helps you at home?
  • How do they help you?
  • Who puts you to bed at night?
  • What makes your mum and dad special?
  • Do you do anything to help your parents at home?
  • What jobs do your parents do every day at home?
  • What jobs do your parents do when they go to work?


At school, we are learning to control and move objects. You can support this using the following activities: