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27th June





LO: To understand that Paul was totally changed by his conversion.

We belong to God’s family today because the first disciples of Jesus spread the Good News.

Read the story of the conversion of St Paul (Acts 9: 1-25)

Discuss what Paul was like before and after his conversion on the road to Damascus.

Activity: Draw two pictures of Paul, before and after his conversion

and then write sentences to describe him in each picture.


Pray for people who are persecuted for their faith today.


LO: To know that St Paul taught people about how to follow Jesus and understand it is important for Christians to follow his teachings.

Explain to the children that Paul wrote many letters encouraging people to follow Jesus. Share some of the letters Paul wrote to the early Christians. If St. Paul was writing his letters today, what do you think he would write?


Compose an  e-mail to another class or a friend, containing some teaching about following Jesus today. Use St Paul's advice to help. 



LO Use tools safely for cutting and joining materials, components and finishing products.

Make a finger puppet of a seagull using felt material. Carefully cut around a pattern for the body (white felt) and wings (grey felt). Glue or stitch these parts together and add a black tip (black felt) to the wing ends and tail. Add a small triangle of yellow felt for the beak and small black dots, buttons or beads for the eyes. Place the completed finger puppets on a printed image of a seashore location, such as a rocky outcrop or pier, and take a digital photograph.