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Today's lesson is all about comparing lengths and heights. We did practice this at school during the spring term and the children were fantastic at it! Have a go at finding objects around the house and garden and compare - which is shorter/taller/longer? (Summer Term - Week 5 - Lesson 1)

Then complete the 'Compare lengths and heights' activity.


Today's lesson is all about measuring in non-standard units. This means not using standard units (cm, m, in etc.) So for today we will be measuring using cubes. The YouTube clip below explains non-standard units in more detail. (Summer Term - Week 5 - Lesson 2)

Then complete the 'Measure Length (1)' activity.

An explanation of Non-Standard units of measure, how we can measure an object with another object, using cubes to measure a length.


Today's lesson starts is all about using centimetres to measure. It is really important that when we measure in centimetres, that we line up the edge of the object with 0. If you have a ruler or tape measure at home, have a go at measuring objects around your home. (Summer Term - Week 5 - lesson 3)

Then complete the 'Measure Length (2)' activity.

Measuring Length in Centimetres


Today's lesson is an alternative lesson to the one on the usual video page so to watch today's video. Please click on the link

This lesson is all about 3D shapes. It has been a very long time since we looked at 3D shapes so please do look at the video to remind your child of the shape names.

Then complete the 'Recognise and name 3D shapes' activity.