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Discuss your child's Baptism with them and look at photographs and items from their Baptism if you have them.  You could discuss a Baptism that you have been to together and talk about what happened.  Use the presentation and clip to help with this discussion.


Make the cross, as seen in the clip, with your child.

Topic 1

Watch the What happens when I fall asleep clip. Discuss the different images in the video, including those of the Moon, stars, night time animals, bedtimes and people who work at night. Give your child the chance to share their ideas and ask questions. Look at the day and night picture cards as prompts for discussion.

Topic 2

Look at pictures of constellations and discuss. Provide black paper, white chalk, a range of sparkly gel pens and small white sticky dots or stars. Encourage your child to create starry night patterns by sticking dots or stars on the paper and then using the gel pens or chalk to join the dots.

Topic 3

Take photographs of different locations around your home (inside and outside if possible) at night time. Look at the photographs and ask your child to suggest where they are. Go on a walk with the photographs. Find the different locations in the night photographs and take photographs of the same place in daylight. Discuss how the locations are similar and different in the two photographs and encourage children to suggest why.