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Think about what you like about yourself. There is nobody else in the world quite like you


Read the story of the creation of human beings. What does it tell us about human beings? Does it say we are made in a special way? Think of our gifts and abilities as something that God has given to each of us. God has given us the gift and ability to have a relationship with him and with other human beings. One of the gifts that God has given us is the gift of choice. God gives us this gift because he loves us. Choices are something we have to make all day and everyday.



Brainstorm range of choices that we make and record information in a flow chart. Some of the choices are more important than others. Discuss our place in order of priority. Why have you chosen this order?

Explore some of the differences between “good” choices and “bad” choices.

What effect do good or bad choices have upon ourselves and others?

Why do we make certain choices at certain times?

What influences the choices we make?