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Speaking and Listening

Children are given a variety of opportunities to listen: as a whole class, within a small group, to a partner and individually. They are encouraged to respond to a variety of questions adapting their answers to their listeners. Drama also plays an important part in development these skills. Visual Literacy is used to stimulate, motivate and engage pupils in talk.



Children are encouraged to become fluent and confident readers who show good understanding of the variety of texts they read. The texts studied in literacy follow given topics, such as instructions or myths and legends, but are increasingly challenging as children move up the school. By reading together in literacy sessions all children are helped to access the texts. The teacher will also read to the children, so that they are provided with a good role model for reading aloud. EYFS and KS1 follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics program.


Group Reading

By using a collaborative approach we have ensured that every child is heard to read regularly. Each class is divided into groups. The teacher hears a group read from one book or part of a book for a twenty to thirty minute session. This enables the teacher to talk about the book with the children so that he or she can find out more about what each child understands and can pinpoint weaknesses that need addressing. Groups that are not reading will be involved in different reading activities which could be based on the book that they have read to the teacher or other reading. Reading journals have been introduced to encourage independence in KS2. The journals allow children to select their own reading activity while another group is working with the teacher.


Home Reading

Each child is given a reading book from our reading scheme until they reach upper KS2. These books are graded and contain fiction and non-fiction books suitable for individual needs. The children take these books home to read. It depends on the child's individual need how often a child is heard to read from these books in school. In upper KS2 children are also given books from well-known children's authors to read at home.