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week: 23.03.20


Choose any of the phonics blending games below. Once you have completed this get your child to write a simple sentence involving one of the words on the board. First get them to verbally say the sentence, using their fingers to see how many words they need to write and to make sure they are holding the sentence. Encourage them to use the rules of a sentence e.g finger spaces, capital letters, letters on the line, correct letter formation and full stops. 


Read the story of 'the little red hen' together. Encourage your child to read some red words (words that cannot be blended e.g the, I, my etc) and some regualr words. Discuss the different characters and what they say in the story. Explain that sometimes in stories we have speech bubbles. These show which characters are talking and what they are saying. Demonstrate this by asking your child to recall something that any of the characters said and write it in the speech bubbles below. 

Then ask your child to invent a character of their own. Get as creative as possible and use your childs interests to fuel their imagination. Get them to draw a picture of this character and, in a speech bubble, write something that character would say. 


As I'm sure you will have no doubt been stocking up on food lately here is a fun way to incorporate some writing into this. Get your child to choose 3 items of their choice that you have recently bought. Explain to them that you are going to need to label them so you know what they are. Explain that labels give us more inforation about an item. Start off by asking what the 3 items they have chosen are? How did they know what they were? Was it the colour of them, the shape or maybe they recognised some words? Then challenge them to write the names of the items on some labels (this could be done with paper and cellotape). Again, when sounding out the words, encourage them to listen to the sounds in the words before they write them using their fred fingers. This is when we count how many sounds we have using our fingers as we say the word and break it down. 


Similar to yesterday's maths lesson, todays Literacy will focus on letter formation. Just like the number formation, you can make this more exciting by getting your child to write the letters in salt or flour using their fingers or a paint brush. Start off with them writing their names and then give them a sound to try. If they are struggling, show them what the letter looks like and then have them copy. Move on to finding objects from around the house that you think you child could plausibly write and getting them to write the word in the salt/flour. You can get creative and add food colouring and glitter to add to the fun! 


To inspire sentence writing, have a look at the picture on the sheet below. Ask your child what they can see, stretch their imagination by asking questions about what the names of the people could be? Why are they at the park? What will they do when they go home? Go with your child's imagination and then get them to write their chosen sentence. Use the sound mat below to help them find the sounds they can hear. I would love to see these sentences so feel free to send me pictures! And as always if your child is more interested in writing a sentence about a monster, an alien or what they have done that day feel free to go with their ideas, the important part is that they are writing a sentence.