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LO: Hear and become familiar with the main events, characters and places in the life of Jesus: Palm Sunday


Gospel reading: Matthew 21:1-17


Read the story  of Palm Sunday together.  Make some of the craft activities below and act out the story as a family singing a simple Hosanna.


Think about why this was an important day for Jesus . Discuss how Palm Sunday recalls an event in the Christian Scripture of Jesus entering into Jerusalem and being greeted by the people waving palm branches. It is a reminder of the welcoming of Jesus into our hearts and of our willingness to follow him. 

Be creative and act out Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem.



Our new topic teaches children about the global community to which they belong and explores how living things, communities and climates differ around the world.

Topic 1

LO: To begin to talk about different places around the world.

Talk about all of the of the places you have visited and discuss the features of each place and how some places are similar or different. Look at the Wish you were here picture cards and pictures from holiday brochures. Ask the children to choose a place they would like to visit, cut around a photograph of your child and stick it on the picture of the place they would like to visit. Invite them to talk about their picture and explain why they chose it. Take quotes from the children or provide paper for children to write about their choices.

Topic 2

LO: To be aware of the differences and similarities of communities around the world.

Support your children in understanding that the United Kingdom is a multi-ethnic society, and the people who live in the UK have many different cultural backgrounds. What questions might we ask someone who had moved from another place? How many of us have parents or grandparents that come from another place? Devise questions that we may want to ask our families or people from different countries.  If possible, speak to family and friends who may be from a different country but living in the UK.