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Talk with your child about how our families are very special. Think about broader concept of family beyond their own home, e.g. class family, school family. The gathering place for God’s Family is the Church.  Share any personal experiences of going to Church and what they can remember about being in a church and what they saw.  Look at the PowerPoint about Churches and draw a poster to show all of the different features a visitor would see in a Church.

Topic 1


If possible, go outside and encourage your child to look for a range of different flora and fauna in the environment. Take photographs of the different areas of a park or local area, the plants and insects that live there and any special features. Complete some of the activities according to your child's interests.

  • Make daisy chains
  • Pose for pictures as they explore the environment
  • Make a list of the different coloured flowers they spot
  • Look for different shaped leaves
  • Take bark rubbings
  • Use paper and drawing resources to draw pictures of their favourite flowers

Topic 2


Get white carnations or celery sticks with leaves. Discuss with your child what would happen to the plants if they didn't have any water. Then ask how they think the plants take in water. Explain that plants draw water through their roots, which travels up their stems and into the leaves and petals. 



Have clear plastic cups containing red, yellow and blue food colouring, diluted with water. Add a stick of celery or a white carnation to each cup. Ask your child what they think might happen to the celery or flowers. Observe the changes throughout the day and during the following days, and take photos at different points to record the changes. Use paper, pens and pencils for your child to draw the celery or carnations.