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January 17th


 Non Chronological reports.

This week we are continuing our work on Non-chronological reports.

  Lesson 1. To plan the opening of a non-chronological report

  Lesson 2. To write the opening of a non-chronological report

  Lesson 3. To Plan second paragraph in Non-chronological report

  Lesson 4.To write second paragraph

  Lesson 5. To edit and improve



   LO: I can identify the actions, signs and symbols of Baptism and Confirmation.

   Compare the signs and symbols of Baptism with the signs and symbols used in the Sacrament of Confirmation.

        Make links to why they are used in both sacraments – what is the link? What does Confirm mean? Link to the sacrament         –    what is it doing  for our faith?

  • Name
  • Other adults
  • Light
  • Oil of Chrism
  • Sign of the cross



: To know the connection between the sacraments through the Priest and the Oil of Chrism     

  Discuss other sacraments that involve the laying on of hands and anointing with the oil of chrism = ordination, sacrament of        the sick, marriage.

    Research tasks undertaken by a bishop and a priest – in what way might they need the presence of the Holy Spirit to fulfil t      their tasks in the life of the church?


     Explore the press and local media and identify people who show and witness their faith – link to catholic press and media – l    link to gifts and fruits of the holy spirit and how these can be shared values between different religions and communities.           How will these gifts and fruits enhance your life?


Linked to Literacy. Completing Non chronological report about the Titanic