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LO: Hear about the Church’s celebration of Sunday as a special day.

Discuss with the children when Father Anthony carries out Mass every Friday in school. Can they think of the different things Father Anthony does in Mass?  List some of the different things people do during the celebration of Mass. Include singing, reading from the bible, saying prayers and receiving Jesus in Holy communion.


Look at the Presentation about Mass below and discuss each part of the mass with your child.  Explain to the children that every Sunday when we gather together for Mass we remember that Jesus is alive and with us today.


Colour the picture.

Topic 1

LO:  Follow instructions, including simple recipes, that include measures and ingredients.

Provide copies of the Tortilla pizza recipe and support the children to read the method. Display various toppings for the children to choose from to add to their pizza, such as sweet peppers, ham, mushrooms and sweetcorn. Provide each child with a My Pizza template and ask them to design their pizza and label the toppings they will use. When complete, provide them with the ingredients and make the pizzas.


Topic 2

LO: To know that different animals live in different parts of the world

Display the Animals around the World picture cards. Invite the children to talk about the animals and identify any features they have in common. Ask the children to explain where they think the animals might live and why. Choose one of the animals and use tablets or computers to find interesting facts. You could write the facts on a large sheet of paper to share with the rest of the class on return to school.