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LO: To know that Lent is a time to be sorrowful.


Remember that a special gift given by God was that of choosing. Have a box of Liquorice Allsorts (or similar that your child likes but with a variety of choices). Which one do we choose first? Talk about why we make choices.


Play a game modelled on “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Children in real life conflict situations, e.g. If you find the classroom in a mess and give choices. “Do you a)? b)? c)?” - Presentation provided below

Use everyday situations to reinforce the idea of choice during Lent. Stop at points each day to raise questions e.g. pencils on floor – do we leave them or pick them up? - Adapt as necessary for home.

Light a purple candle as sign that it is time to reflect on the day and the choices we have made. Explain that it is important to say sorry to each other and to God Our Father for those times when we have made bad choices.  Remind children of what a parable is – a story that Jesus told that has a meaning and can teach us something. Read the parable of The Prodigal Son. The bible teaches us that God is always willing to forgive when we say sorry.  Discuss the importance of both saying sorry and being able to forgive others.  Write a prayer to say sorry for a bad choice that has been made.

Topic 1 - Computing


LO: I can take a photo within the J2e App and find it in MyFiles


See notes on 'how to use write JIT5' using your child's BGFL login. (BGFL logins have been sent home but if you require this again please email


Take a picture of a feature in the local area and add text to the picture using write JIT5. Save the picture with your text into your file.  

Here are some useful videos to demonstrate using JIT5 - follow the link and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Topic 2

LO: To draw a map of my local area

Go for a walk in the local area and use google maps to identify the features and landmarks that you saw on your walk.  At home, draw a map of the local area using pictures and symbols and a key on your map (to show what the symbols on the map mean).  You can draw symbols for your map or use examples from below.