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'Follow your dreams using the guiding light of Jesus'

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Prayer is an integral part of school life. In school we pray in lots of different ways:


  • During the week pupils from all year groups gather together at assemblies and services.
  • Prayer at regular intervals throughout the day.
  • There are regular circle times and prayer services in classrooms.
  • Each classroom has a dedicated prayer area which includes Liturgical images, artefacts and prayers.
  • Time and opportunities are given for personal prayer.
  • Weekly participation in Mass.


We work hard to include families in the prayer life of our school by encouraging them to attend assemblies and prayer services throughout the year.


Our Lady's School Prayer


This is our school, let love abide here.
Love of one another, love of life itself, and love of God.
Let the school be full of contentment.
Let us remember that as many hands build a house,
So many hearts build a school.

Picture 1 Christ is at the centre of all we do
Picture 2 Every class helps to spread the Gospel
Picture 3 We pray together in school
Picture 4 Our Lady is our Patron Saint.