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Y6 Visit St Chad's

8 November 2007

As part of their sacramental preparation, Year 6 visited St Chad's Cathedral on Thursday 8 November 2007. The children used their report writing skills to write a factual information booklet about St Chad's.


On the High Altar you can see the relics of St Chad in a gold box with an angel on each side. (Rodilene G)


In St Edward's Chapel there are four stained glass windows that tell the story of the rescue of St Chad's relics from Lichfield Cathedral.(Shaina M)


This is one of the windows in St Edward's Chapel. In the first section of the window you can see a statue of St Chad being destroyed during the Reformation. The second section shows Father Dudley rescuing the relics of St Chad. The relics were then passed from one catholic family to another for over 200 years.


On the High Altar there is a special piece of furniture called the Cathedra and without it St Chad's would not be a cathedral. The Archbishop sits on it. (Anthony B)


In St Chad's there are many ornate stained glass windows. Poor children from St Chad's school gave their pennies for a special window called 'The Penny Window'. (Shaina M)