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Dough Disco

You will need play dough and to repeat activity several times throughout the week choosing from our Dough Disco clips.


Show children the video retelling the story of Creation:

Ask children if they can remember the special book where the story of Creation is told?  Show a bible again to the children. Play the following action song and sing along with your child:  


Sequence the pictures to tell the story of creation.


Activity 1: 

Go on a nature walk and look at God's creation.  Can children see any of the creations mentioned in the Creation Story? Take photos of nature in the local area and produce a collage of different images.


Activity 2: 

Refer back to the story 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers (If you do not have a copy of the book,  please watch the story on youtube).

Focus on the pages that show all of the different people (pause clip) and think about what we look like. Talk about how we all look different but are all people and think about how we would look on those pages. Draw a self-portrait.


Look at the different activities and adapt for your home.