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Follow the lessons to help you write the two opening parts to your story




LO: To know the story of Joseph and his brothers.

Key questions:

Jacob had twelve sons and one of these was Joseph.

1. What words would you use to describe Joseph?

2. What words would you use to describe his brothers?

3. How does the story end in Egypt? How is Joseph’s behaviour different from that of his brothers?

4. What does the story of Joseph teach us about jealousy?

5. Joseph’s brothers failed to recognise his gifts and talents. Why is it important to recognise and value the gifts and talents of other people?

6. What does the word reconciliation mean?

7. What does the story of Joseph teach us about the value and importance of reconciliation with other people?


Think of a time when you have been jealous. How did it feel and what did you do?


Reflect on the stories learned in this unit and consider your favourite story and why. Was it the story of Abram? The sacrifice of Isaac?

What was the message behind the story which makes you prefer it and how could you apply this to your own life?


Activity: Draw pictures and write captions to show the dreams of Joseph and the jealousy of the brothers. Create a playscript of the story.




Following on from the lesson above, create a presentation about the key differences between the Romans and the Celts.