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Read the story Whatever Next! by Jill Murphy or watch the clip following the link below. Encourage your child to talk about what Baby Bear does throughout the story. Stop at points in the story to recap and predict what might happen next. Take the time to reread the story throughout the week and encourage your child to act out or add actions to the story as you read.


  • Have you ever played with a big box?
  • What did you make with your box?
  • What does Baby Bear use for a helmet?
  • When do people wear helmets?
  • Where does Baby Bear find his boots?
  • Who does Baby Bear meet on his journey?
  • Why do you think he meets an owl instead of a different type of bird?
  • Do you think Baby Bear's rocket really went to the Moon?
  • What does Baby Bear take for a picnic?
  • What would you take for a picnic?
  • Why do you think Baby Bear is messy at the end of the story?


Thinking about the above questions ask your child to think of items they would take to the moon.  Model writing a list of things you would take using numbers for each item. Ask your child to write their own list encouraging them to spell their items using the sounds they can hear.  Draw a picture of a rocket that they would like to use to go to the moon.


If possible, provide large boxes or blankets and chairs to build a rocket and act out the story.