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Maths in a Suitcase

11 June 2007

We had a workshop on Monday 11th June to launch our Maths Week (11 to 15 June 2007). The workshop was was called 'Maths in a Suitcase' and Mr Selwyn Vanzeller helped us solve many problems.

Here are some photographs of our children enjoying a variety of puzzles. It was a thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Thank you, Selwyn!

Picture 1 Mrs Allen helping 'packing and stacking' activity
Picture 2 The 'pyramid in a box' puzzle.
Picture 3 These Reception girls made 'polyhedral skeletons'.
Picture 4 Children making castles with 'magnetiles'.
Picture 5 Here's Selwyn helping solve the puzzle 'isotiles'.
Picture 6 There was even a frog puzzle!
Picture 7 Miss Duern helped with the magnetic mushroom ball
Picture 8 Mrs Pender trying to help the girls
Picture 9 Swlwyn offering another helping hand to this pupil
Picture 10 The '2x2 cube' and the 'conway cube' puzzles.
Picture 11 Year 3 working on the'hen and chicken' tiles.
Picture 12 Children trying to help Miss Turner