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Maths in a Suitcase

11 June 2007

We had a workshop on Monday 11th June to launch our Maths Week (11 to 15 June 2007). The workshop was was called 'Maths in a Suitcase' and Mr Selwyn Vanzeller helped us solve many problems.

Here are some photographs of our children enjoying a variety of puzzles. It was a thoroughly enjoyable workshop. Thank you, Selwyn!

Mrs Allen helping 'packing and stacking' activity
The 'pyramid in a box' puzzle.
These Reception girls made 'polyhedral skeletons'.
Children making castles with 'magnetiles'.
Here's Selwyn helping solve the puzzle 'isotiles'.
There was even a frog puzzle!
Miss Duern helped with the magnetic mushroom ball
Mrs Pender trying to help the girls
Swlwyn offering another helping hand to this pupil
The '2x2 cube' and the 'conway cube' puzzles.
Year 3 working on the'hen and chicken' tiles.
Children trying to help Miss Turner