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week: 20.04.20




Creating a main character. Discuss the idea of what a main character is, what are some of your child’s favourite main characters? Can they name the main characters of certain stories? Then ask them to think of their own main character. Can they describe what they look like and how they behave? Challenge your child to write down some of these words and then draw a picture of their main character. 


Following on from yesterday’s lesson, start to think of a story for their main character. As in a previous lesson, you could do this through a helicopter story (writing down verbatim everything your child thinks up and then acting it out). Or you could take a different approach and create a story together that has a start, middle and an end. It also should have a problem and a solution. Get creative and run with your child’s imagination, no matter how crazy it gets! 


Use these writing prompts to ignite your childs imagination and help them write a short story. 


Any opportunity to get your child motivated to write is always a good one. Try some of these suggestions and see which one works best for your child:


  • Writing a shopping list- this could be for things you actually need or fantasy items! 
  • write about what they have done that day 
  • describe a character from a story 
  • create their own superhero- what super powers do they have? 
  • create a trap to catch a monster/animal/unicorn and write how they did it and what they used 
  • create their own monster- give them a name and describe their features 
  •  a letter to a loved one