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LO: to know that the Easter candle is a special sign of celebration and reminds us that Jesus is alive

If possible, visit a church to see the Easter Candle. Remind children that this is the special candle for Easter and a sign of celebration. It is a reminder that Jesus who died on the cross is alive again.

Look and say how it is different from the others. Talk about the symbols on the candle and what they and the candle represent.


If unable to go to church there is information about the Easter Candle in the clip below.  


Activity: Draw the Easter Candle using observation where possible.


After visiting church,  have a discussion about the different things they saw there and have a look at the observational drawing of the candle and recap the meaning of the symbols.

Topic 1

LO: To show an awareness of the similarities and differences between people in different communities around the world.


Share the story ‘All are Welcome’ (link below) by Alexandra Penfold. Explore how the children in the story might have a different heritage from each other, but they are united in their play and friendship. Explain that children live all around the world in every country, and some parts of their lives might be different from theirs, but others are similar. Explore how the word 'diversity' is used in the story and explain that everyone in the story is unique and special, just like each of them.

Topic 2

LO: To recognise similarities and differences between cultures

Show the children the Buildings around the world presentation. Invite them to describe the buildings and talk about how people might use them. Explain that some buildings have special purposes, such as worship. Invite the children to talk about any special building they visit. Using a computer or tablet, look at Google Earth  to search for the significant buildings and landmarks. Using pencils and fine felt tip pens, the children can draw their favourite building.

Topic 3

Link with this week's Literacy work and taste fruits and/or vegetable that you haven't tried before from different countries. You may even want to research a particular country and prepare their national dish.