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Science Lesson

Where Does Our Energy Come From? Discuss the different sources of energy shown on the 2 slides of the Lesson Presentation.

Renewable or Not? Work to sort the energy sources into the table on the Lesson Presentation according to whether they are renewable or not. Discuss each energy source and decide with the children if it is renewable or non-renewable. Children  to click on an image. When clicked, each image will then appear in the correct column of the table, so children can find out if they were correct.

Wind Power: Explain wind power and that they will be finding out about the scientists who worked to harness energy from wind power.

Turbine Timeline: Use the 5 slides on the Lesson Presentation to describe the inventions that have furthered the development of wind turbines to generate power from the wind.

Use the slides to complete the timeline.

Good and Bad: Children discuss their opinions on the good and bad points of wind power.