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18th October


Expressionist Poetry(resources below)


Lesson 1

Listen to examples of emotive poetry. What is the poet trying to say?

Highlight words that make the poem seem powerful and explain why

Practise reading aloud taking note of punctuation and rhythm


Lesson 2

Consider which feeling they want to portray in their own expressive poem. Think about a time when they have felt this emotion and list all the adjectives they could use to describe how they felt. Use dictionaries and thesauruses to find powerful alternatives

Lesson 3

Read and analyse examples of nonet poetry – identify key features, paying attention to the syllable count for each line.

Draft ideas together for a nonet poem using ‘The Scream’ as a visual stimulus

Lesson 4

Write / draft own nonet poem based on the emotion they chose last Tuesday

Ask question – does my poem explain the feeling or emotion that we were aiming for

Lesson 5

Practise reading their own poem and try to learn it by heart, perform to an audience really focusing on expression and meaning.

Take photo of performance for literacy and topic book with a ‘best’ copy of their own poem



Research Class Saint. - St. Oliver Plunkett

Create Sway with information

Create a prayer within the Sway