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31st January





LO: To know that during the year God’s family gathers together to celebrate different seasons and feasts.

On the worksheet write the liturgical seasons in the right order then draw a symbol to represent each, thinking about colour as well - look at the Liturgical Year PowerPoint to help. 

Next, write the colour associated with each liturgical season on the line at the bottom of the box.

 Liturgical Year Worksheet



LO: To explain where the food they eat comes from (e.g. by referring to countries, animals and plants).

Sort the pictures of food – ones that come from animals and ones that come from plants. 

Do some foods come from both?

Look again at the food pictures, are the produced in this country?

See if you can sort them again – food from the UK and food from other countries. 

You might need to do some research to find out!

If you can find other pictures of food from magazines you can sort them too.

Take a picture of your sorting and send it to me please.

Sorting Food Worksheet